Model for a Mobile Library

Model for a Mobile Library (2018)

Writing While Walking
Mette Kit Jensen + C.Y. Frostholm
SCOTTY, Kreuzberg, Berlin

Thanks to Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond, Statens Kunstfond and SCOTTY.

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Installation: Photographs and texts; binders, books and booklets; suitcase, folding table and chair.

Text in binders and booklets by C.Y. Frostholm, translated by Karen & Gro Havelin. Books and quotes by Fernando Pessoa & Co, translated by (among others) Inés Koebel, Georg Rudolf Lind, Richard Zenith. Hot foil stamping and booklet print: Officin.

Tak for hjælpen til Morten Klockmann, Sílvia Schiermacher, Birger Lohse, Jacob Holm Laursen, Jakob Juul og Tinne Borgland, m.fl.

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