Just wait

Every photo you take.
Now on all your devices.
Now Messages lets you connect with
friends and family
like never before.

Tap to add your voice to any conversation.
Send a video of what you’re seeing
the moment you’re seeing it.
And easily share your location
so they know right where you are.

Our smartest keyboard ever
makes typing easier by suggesting
contextually appropriate words
to complete your sentences.
It even recognizes
to whom you’re typing
and whether you’re in Mail or Messages.
Because your tone in an email
may be different from
your tone in a message.

Sharing with your family comes naturally.
Now it comes to all your content.

The good news:
You can work on any file, anywhere.
The bad news:
You can work on any file, anywhere.

An entirely new way to use
your health and fitness information.
Now your activity tracker, heart rate monitor,
and other health and fitness apps can
talk to each other.
And all the information is accessible.

Now you can start an email on one device
and seamlessly continue on another.

Sometimes you’re looking for a contact or an app.
Sometimes you’re looking for answers.
Spotlight is even smart enough to recognize
context and location
to offer you the most relevant information.

Just wait until you see
what app developers do next.